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Power Core Combiners - Skyburst Aerialbots
>Product Name: Power Core Combiners - Skyburst Aerialbots
>Manufacturer: Hasbro Toys
>Product Type: Action Figure

Power up for the ultimate robot battles! Your SKYBURST Commander vehicle is already a virtually unstoppable opponent in his vehicle and robot modes. But his strength gets increased five-fold when you convert him to Power-Up mode and convert his AERIALBOT drone figures into his limbs! And the action doesn’t stop there. With this Power Core interchangeable robot combination system, MINI-CONS (sold separately) and drone vehicles can attach to power up any Commander figure. Collect more packs and you can create tons of unique and fierce robot battler figure combinations! Five-pack includes SKYBURST, Recon Plane Drone, Chopper Drone, Combat Helicopter Drone and Fighter Jet Drone figures. Five-pack includes BOMBSHOCK, Missile Carrier Drone, Tank Drone, APC Drone and Armored Care Drone figures.

$ 50.95
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