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12-Inch Invincible Iron Man
>Product Name: 12-Inch Invincible Iron Man
>Manufacturer: Hasbro Toys
>Product Type: Action Figure

Enter the world of Iron Man with this movie-inspired action figure. Snap-on an array of modular weapons, including a laser vision targeting harness, removable helmet, retractable long-range artillery and a firing arm cannon. Activate the spring-open wings on his high-altitude flight pack and you’re ready to stage this super sonic fighter into freedom flights. Press the chest button and Iron Man’s chest and hand light up! You can even remove Iron Man’s mask to reveal Tony Stark! Glowing repulsors and electronic landing and blast-off sounds make this Iron Man figure almost believable when he bursts out with exciting phrases like, “I am Iron Man!” “Repulsor blast!” and “Target engaged!” Launch repulsor projectiles and missiles at your target and recreate a never-ending onslaught of Iron Man force.

$ 70.95
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