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Alien Head Knocker #3
>Product Name: Alien Head Knocker #3
>Manufacturer: Neca Toys
>Product Type: Action Figure

Sometimes a dream can come true and two of your favorite licenses can come together for a stellar union that just plain works. This news update is one of those times. Before there were Aliens there were Facehuggers. After there was Predator, there was Predator 2. What do they both have in common? Beyond being science fiction film icons, they are going to be new Head Knockers, done only the way NECA/Reel Toys know how. With insane amounts of detail and fantastic paint jobs, the Facehugger and Predator 2 Head Knockers are going to HeadKnock your socks off. Featuring some disturbingly detailed features, such as the Alien egg base, and the Predator 2 skull and spine trophy, expect these to be out during a Predator's favorite time. Just in time for our first heat wave, this pair of extraterrestrial bad guys will hit stores this summer.

$ 40.95
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