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Stormtrooper Unleashed 12
>Product Name: Stormtrooper Unleashed 12
>Manufacturer: Hasbro Toys
>Product Type: Action Figure

Stormtrooper - Anonymous in their white armor, Stormtroopers perform their missions with mindless loyalty to the Empire. They are shock troopers who are called in to put down insurrections and maintain order in the galaxy. Not even a flicker of individuality cracks the uniform fašade of the Stormtrooper ranks. Any vestige of personality has long ago been eradicated from their genetic makeup, and now they move, breathe and live as one being, an arm of the Emperor, wielded with crushing force. Though they have specific equipment and training for various environments, these differences are slight and, in a disconcerting way, only emphasize their inhuman conformity. They cannot be bribed, blackmailed or bullied into stepping out from behind their armor and anonymity, for there is nothing left inside to reveal, not even a fragment of humanity.

$ 50.95
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