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Mr Slave
>Product Name: Mr Slave
>Manufacturer: Mezco Toyz
>Product Type: Action Figure

It has been hinted at that Eric Theodore Cartman has emotional and behavioral issues. His eccentricities are certainly vibrant in the South Park action figure line. In this assortment Cartman's character takes on the role of a Vietnamese Prostitute named Ming Lee from the "Cow Days" episode and comes complete with a purse and Terrance & Phillip plushes and an interchangeable left arm. This series also includes Mr. Slave, Mr. Garrison's former lover, who comes with the class gerbil Lemmiwinks, Frog Spirit and Fish Spirit. Nurse Gollum, the school nurse with conjoined twin myslexia, also appears in this super line-up with her handicapped award and clipboard. The series also includes the very thin ethiopian boy, Starvin' Marvin, whose accessories include a can of creamed corn, a turkey and a plate of shrimp and luggage.

$ 69.95
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