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Titanium Ultra: Megatron
>Product Name: Titanium Ultra: Megatron
>Manufacturer: Hasbro Toys
>Product Type: Action Figure

This version of Megatron roughly corresponds with his pre-Earth Cybetronian mode, similar to that shown in The War Within series and also Transformers: The Ultimate Guide, in which Megatron was described as having achieved physical power through numerous painful upgrades, ultimately augmenting himself into a mobile battle fortress. Primary colors are black, purple, silver/grey. At a glance the figure seems to be well-articulated, pieced together with both die-cast and plastic. In robot mode, the primary cannon is shoulder-mounted. He has a slightly more mechanized looking face, with prominently red eyes. He bears multiple Decepticon emblems in both robot and vehicle mode. In vehicle mode, hes a heavily armored tank, blunt, block-shaped, all business, with a large primary cannon and a secondary gun mounted atop the large cannon turret.

$ 49.95
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