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JLU: Zatanna, Batman, and Shinning Knight
>Product Name: JLU: Zatanna, Batman, and Shinning Knight
>Manufacturer: Mattel Toys
>Product Type: Action Figure

Batman has no time to waste, because his would-be girlfriend Wonder Woman has just been transformed into a piglet. This is the kind of situation that would challenge even the most hardcore crime fighter. He’s on the case and on the move. Time is of the essence because Wonder Woman has inadvertently been captured by the employees of a pork processing plant. Batman is armed with his Anti-Butcher Super Batarang Claw. Zatanna serves the two functions of being extremely hot and providing Batman with the magical foundation he needs to transform Wonder Woman back into an Amazon. The problem is that Wonder Woman, in piglet form, has now run away and several members of the Justice League been called in to help find her. After first defeating the nightmarish Knights Who Say “NI”, and then daring the incendiary torments of the Wizard’s Castle to rescue the sultry Princess Daphne from the clutches of Singe the Dragon, the Shining Knight was caught in a frozen avalanche. Kept in suspended animation he eventually reemerged and redoubled his quest for justice as a modern day super hero and a charter member of the Justice League.

$ 28.95
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