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JSA Series 1 Set of 5
>Product Name: JSA Series 1 Set of 5
>Manufacturer: Dc Direct
>Product Type: Action Figure

These figures depict a slightly more modern version of the JSA, utilizing some of the latter-tier characters to become a part of the group.

Hourman inherited his father’s Miraclo pills, using them to gain superhuman strength and speed for hour-long bursts, and under this pretense he became a superhero. Unfortunately the effects of the pills became addictive and ultimately detrimental, and eventually Hourman temporarily succumbed to a debilitating sickness. Seemingly well articulated, he’s clad in his hooded yellow-and-black uniform.

Mr. Terrific inherited his role after the original Terrific, both characters sharing a freakish knack for the mastery of any discipline they pursued. The newer Terrific eventually boiled down to an appearance consisting of a black and white uniform, leather jacket and face paint. The action figure version comes equipped with a ring of T-Spheres.

Dr. Mid-Nite suffered and accident and developed the curse/ability to see only while in darkness. He developed an arsenal of crime fighting gear, including the black-out bombs utilized to give him a strategic edge. The figure wears a costume similar to the classic version, and comes equipped with Mid-Nite’s owl-partner Charlie.

This version of Hawkgirl is derived from the suicide of Kendra Saunders and the walk-in of Shiera Hall’s disincarnated soul. She now operates and functions mostly by the consciousness and memories of her host body. Apparently, she’s been slotted to take Hawkman’s place. She comes complete with her birdlike mask, hawk’s wings, exposed midriff and battle mace.

The Golden Age Atom turned his Napoleon complex into a heavily disciplined crime fighter career, using both his brawn and his physicist background as reinforcements. The Silver Age Atom had the ability to diminish himself to microscopic proportions. These two figures are included together.
$ 109.95
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