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Cybertron Primus with Unicron Head
>Product Name: Cybertron Primus with Unicron Head
>Manufacturer: Hasbro Toys
>Product Type: Action Figure

Transformers Cybertron Primus with Unicron Head. Transformers history comes alive with the first ever toy of their homeworld, Cybertron! With tons of molded details hidden on the planet mode's surface, like the city of Iacon and the Decepticon city, Kaon, and tons of other little molded details from the Transformers TV and comic series are hidden all over the toy. Sure, you've transformed a car to a robot before, but have you ever transformed a planet into the mythical Transformers creation god? Primus gives you the chance, with the results being a giant 14-inch robot that's ready to fight evil and save his children from the forces of evil. This special first edition of Primus includes the head of Unicron, a special bonus collectible. (Subject to change.)

$ 250.95
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